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RP Financial is a full-service valuation firm and the nation's leading valuation firm for thrift mutual-to-stock conversions.  In seeking to realize their corporate and shareholder objectives, we enable banks to understand the market environment, merger accounting impact, and other corporate transactions.  Vetted by major and regional accounting firms, all of the federal bank regulatory agencies and the Securities and Exchange Commission, RP Financial's valuation methodologies conform to standard valuation industry guidelines.  

Stock Valuations Puzzle Pieces (to form a Microscope)
Stock Valuations for Corporate Transactions

RP Financial provides independent valuation services for securities offerings, mergers, standard or complex transactions and for other corporate purposes.  We prepare stock valuations for public and private banking companies and for converting mutual thrifts.

Fair Valuation Puzzle Pieces
Fair Valuation Services


We provide a broad range of fair valuation services for banking companies, including measuring fair value for disclosure and acquisitions, establishing the value of intangible assets and evaluating identifiable intangible assets and goodwill for prospective impairment.

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