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Planning for De Novo Banks (New Charter and FDIC Insurance)

RP Financial's has extensive experience in all aspects of organizing de novo banks.  Our strategic capital and business planning services position bank organizers for regulatory pre-filing meetings, result in comprehensive strategic business and capital plans and regulatory applications that meet regulatory and investor expectations and assess the appropriate amount of capital to be raised.  

Pre-Filing Activities


We guide bank organizers through
pre-filing activities and prepare meeting materials, including the feasibility study, to position them
to meet regulatory pre-filing
meeting expectations

Interagency Charter and Federal Deposit
Insurance Application


We assist bank organizers and
their counsel in preparing the regulatory applications to achieve expeditious approvals and minimize
pre-opening expense

Strategic Business and Capital Plan 


We prepare detailed quarterly three-year financial projections, develop the comprehensive written plan pursuant to regulatory guidelines and assist
bank organizers in evaluating
capital adequacy

Pre-Opening Activities


We advise bank organizers in all other aspects of pre-opening activities including, as appropriate, selection of directors, management and key staff, capital raising, policies, and other organizational matters

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