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Fair Valuation

RP Financial provides a broad range of fair valuation services for banking companies, including for acquisitions and testing for impairment of intangible assets, and for financial statement disclosure purposes, consistent with applicable accounting requirements.

Goodwill Impairment


Annual valuation services using a qualitative assessment and, as necessary, quantitative valuation process to test for goodwill impairment

Fair Value Analyses


Fair valuation services provided to evaluate prospective acquisitions and to record the balance sheet entries
at closing

Mortgage Servicing Rights


Annual valuation services to evaluate prospective impairment of MSRs, including residential and
commercial loans

Fair Value of Financial Instruments
for disclosure purposes, prepared
in accordance with ASU 2016-01


Fair value analyses to incorporate the "exit price" notion in accordance with ASC 820 - Fair Value Measurement, for financial statement disclosure purposes per ASU 2016-01

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