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Picture of RP Financial President and Managing Director, Ron Riggins

Ronald S. Riggins ("Ron")
Managing Director

Ron Riggins has been a financial advisor, strategist and management consultant to the banking and financial services industries since 1980.  He has advised executive management and Boards in successfully addressing strategic issues, implementing transactions and developing techniques to enhance shareholder value and address safety and soundness.  He has guided the firm’s valuation practice, which encompasses a wide variety of matters.  Under his direction, the thrift conversion and insurance company de-mutualization valuation process has been pioneered and refined.  He leads the management study practice in conjunction with regulatory enforcement actions.  His clients have included financial services companies (banks, thrifts, credit unions, insurance companies and agencies, and mortgage banks), private equity investors, regulators and the investment community.

Ron has extensive capital markets experience, including mergers, initial/secondary offerings, recapitalizations, branch sales, TARP replacement and “going private” deals.  He has served as financial advisor and valuation expert in hundreds of capital market transactions up to $4 billion in offering value, including some of the nation’s largest stock offerings.  In capital markets transactions, he regularly provides various corporate valuations, due diligence analyses, strategic planning services and merger valuation services consistent with the accounting requirements.  He is actively engaged by large public banks as well as mutual thrifts and credit unions in evaluating goodwill impairment.  Under his direction, RP Financial has become a national leader in merger advisory services for banking companies.  He has advised many clients on CRA matters.  He serves as a liaison with attorneys, investment bankers, accountants and regulators in a variety of complex deals and strategic matters.

Prior to forming RP Financial in 1988, Ron spent eight years as a financial advisor, securities analyst and senior consultant at other leading banking and financial services consulting firms, including Executive Vice President with Financial Strategy Group (subsequently known as Capital Resources), where he directed much of the valuation, merger advisory, strategic planning and consulting practice, Riviere Securities Corporation and Kaplan, Smith & Associates.

Ron resides in Virginia and earned his Economics degree from the College of William and Mary.  He has spoken to groups within the financial services industry on numerous occasions and has been quoted in a variety of national, regional and trade publications.  He has served as a valuation and merger advisory expert in various litigation matters, including cases involving dissenters’ rights, supervisory goodwill and stock conversion valuation and related methodology.

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