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Picture of RP Financial Director, Jim Oren

James J. Oren ("Jim")


Jim Oren has served as an advisor to the financial services industry since 1987.  His work covers the full range of services offered by RP Financial, including the preparation of valuation analyses for initial public offerings by financial institutions, assisting RP Financial clients in formulating strategic and operational business planning strategies and evaluating specific mergers and acquisitions, branch purchase/sale transactions, acquisitions of other financial services companies and equity/debt offerings.  His valuation work includes valuation analyses in conjunction with initial public, secondary and rights offerings of banks, thrifts and other financial services firms, as well as securities held by ESOPs, profit sharing plans, estates and trusts.  Jim has also worked extensively with a wide range of clients to formulate their business strategies through comprehensive financial modeling, discounted cash flow analyses and by performing "what if" simulations.  He has also assisted credit unions with strategic planning in connection with their charter conversions.

Jim also headed RP Financial public sector practice, providing management services at on-site locations through long-term contracts with the Federal government.  He served as an on-site company representative and department manager for a multibillion asset institution, assisting in the resolution of the institution through asset sales and transfers, managing a department in excess of 20 individuals.  Jim's areas of responsibility included loan payment processing, contracting for real estate property appraisals, contracting for real estate property environmental studies, real estate tax payments, UCC filings, file room management, property inspections, liaison with government asset marketing staff and outside due diligence/sales advisory companies.  He also designed and implemented detailed asset tracking and performance systems.

Prior to joining RP Financial at its inception in 1988, Jim spent approximately two years as a senior financial analyst with Financial Strategy Group, Inc. (now Capital Resources Group, Inc.), where he was a consultant actively involved in valuation and planning engagements.

Jim earned his undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University and his graduate degree from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

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