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Picture of RP Financial Director, Greg Dunn

Gregory E. Dunn ("Greg")


Greg Dunn has been a consultant to the financial services industry since 1983 and has been with RP Financial since 1989.  The focus of Greg's consulting work has been with community thrifts and banks, serving as an advisor and analyst in the areas of corporate valuations, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning and interacting with thrift and bank regulators, attorneys and investment bankers.  Also, Greg has handled much of the firm’s valuation work for stock option accounting.

Greg's expertise involving corporate valuations includes mutual-to-stock conversions of thrift institutions, in which RP Financial has been an industry leader since the 1990s.  In connection with the valuation of converting thrifts, Greg's services include conducting due diligence interviews at the senior management level, providing strategic advice and preparing business plans on a pro forma basis.  He has served as valuation expert in hundreds of thrift stock conversions, with deal sizes ranging up to $4 billion.  Other corporate valuations performed by Greg include valuing the stocks of banks and thrifts without an active trading market for purposes of employee stock ownership plans and sale-of-control situations.

Prior to joining RP Financial, Greg spent six years with Kaplan, Smith & Associates (now Kaplan & Associates), where he served as a consultant to thrift institutions.  Business planning, corporate valuations and oversight of data bases covering publicly-traded thrifts were Greg's primary responsibilities at Kaplan, Smith & Associates.  Prior to joining Kaplan, Smith & Associates, Greg served as a financial analyst for the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation ("FSLIC").  The focus of Greg's work at the FSLIC involved the resolution of failing thrift institutions through negotiated acquisitions.

Greg currently resides in Virginia.  He holds a degree in business administration from Virginia Tech University and an MBA from Louisiana State University.

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