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Feasibility is paramount to the advisory services we provide at RP Financial.  We guide banks toward deliberate action that leads to achievement of corporate objectives while meeting regulatory requirements.  RP Financial applies an inclusive approach that incorporates practical industry experience along with proven strategies that are responsive to the prevailing environment.

Merger Advisory Puzzle Pieces (Dollar Sign)
Merger Advisory

Our merger advisory services enable buyers and sellers to realize their strategic and transaction objectives.  We source transactions, assist in negotiating deal terms, provide related financial advisory and valuation expertise, and opine on the fairness of transactions.

Enterprise Risk Management Puzzle Piece (separate lines connecting to form puzzle piece)
Enterprise Risk Management

Our ERM services provide comprehensive analyses to measure and assess quantifiable risks.  We customize enterprise risk management programs to identify, measure, monitor, report, and mitigate risk.

Checkmark for Regulatory Advisory Services
Regulatory Advisory


We provide regulatory advisory in the context of normal operations and for clients subject to regulatory enforcement actions.  Our regulatory advisory services help banks improve safety and soundness and focus on compliance.

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